Trademark Bckup

Applicant Name
(Company/Firm/Trust/Individual/Startup/Small Enterprise)

Address of the Applicant
(The address mentioned on the documents of the company with pin code)

Type of Organization
(In case of startup or small enterprises reg. document )

Full Name of the Signatory

On Behalf of Company

(In case of partnership firm, all partners names are )

Designation of Signatory

Nationality of Signatory

Father’s / Husband’s Name of Signatory

Residence Address of Signatory

Date of Birth of Signatory

Mark or Brand Name

Trademark Type
Wordmark and Logo mark are 2 different applications even if the class remain same.
Word Mark – Means letter mark of the brand
Device Mark – Means artistic work of logo and brand

Significance Of The Mark

Goods / Services (Exact)

Trade Description

User Date Of The Brand Name

  • Proposed to be use
  • Already in use
    In case of already in use, affidavit is to be filed, You can send that via post/courier.
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Contact Details
Contact Person Name

Contact Person Number

Decision Taker Name

Decision Taker Number

Email Address