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Our Trademark PRO™ service will protect your brand name or logo 100%
from the people who can steal your Inventions and Original Creations.

Everything You Need to Know About IPR

Intellectual Property Rights or IPR is the general term for the assignment of property rights through patents, copyrights, designs and trademarks. These property rights allow the holder to exercise a monopoly on the use of the item for a specified period.


A trademark can be word, signature, name written in a particular style, the shape of goods other than those for which a mark is proposed to be used, or any combination thereof or a combination of colors and so forth.

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Original creators of the works are protected by copyright registration and its author holds the exclusive rights to use prohibit or authorize, its reproduction, its public performance or its adaptation.

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A patent is a right granted to the inventor for Practicing, Selling & Importing the patent product or process. This is normally done in exchange for disclosing the full invention in a patent document to the public.

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Design’ means features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament or composition of lines or colour or combination thereof applied to any article whether two dimensional or three dimensional or in any forms.

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How We Process

Gather Information

We gather information from you to register your IPR because it should not become confusing. You have to have know-how – HOW and WHERE to file your application.

Consulting & Proposal

Our team has a proven track record in Patent, Copyright, Trademark & Design, Bringing in several years of quality and customer centric IPR services by consulting & giving you a good proposal.

Application & Delivery

We have gathered rich experience and expertise in the field of IPR Application, We understand our clients’ situation better to provide them right solution and deliver them on time.

Who we Are?

We at Krishlaw is an established, full-service Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) firm, based in Pune. Since many years, we have been providing services for registration, consultation and litigation, to individuals and companies, in the core areas of patent, copyright, design and trademark.

What we Do?

When clients come to us, they already have questions and lots of uncertainties in their mind. Clients are looking for someone they can trust. We help them settle down and take the right decision and the right action, to protect the interests.


Why Choose Us?

We have a team of highly skilled lawyers practicing law, with many years experience in IPR. We have experience in solving difficult IPR cases. Our skills extend from drafting ‘to the point’ legal notices, representing clients effectively in hearings, to making giving expert counsel and advice on cases.

What Our Clients Say?


Why People Love Us

We wish to solve the client’s problems and to address their needs and their concerns. Ultimately our clients are happy and live peacefully with satisfaction so that’s the reason client love us.