Patent Form

Full name/s
Nationality of the applicant/s
Full name/s
Nationality of the Inventors/s
What is the relationship of the inventor with the applicant (employee/consultant)
Address for correspondence
Contact Person
His Designation
List of countries in which Patent need to be filed by PCT/ Conventional Route:
Title of the Invention:
Brief Description of Invention along with drawing if possible:
Prior Art
The deficiencies or drawbacks in the existing art (‘Prior Art’)
The purpose or object of your invention
Complete description of your invention with the help of schematic drawings: (If necessary)
Can be attached separately
(a) Working
(b) Mechanism
(c) Operation
(d) Alternative arrangement
(e) Alternative Operation
(f) Disengagement
Schematic drawings, numbering each figure such as Figure 1, Figure 2 etc. and denoting the various parts in each figure by numerals; Graphic formulae should be given (organic chemistry invention). All these should be separately given along with other details as stated above. Explain the details of each figure in the description.
Any alternative/ variations means /materials /configuration or a substitute for any of the elements of the invention (If any).
Advantages of your invention
Example/ especially: